Episode 44: DON’T Behave the Way You Feel!

In Episode 44 of the Divorce University Online Podcast, we discuss how important it is for you to behave differently than you feel. Let’s face it, we are often filled with grief and extreme emotion at a point where the Court is expecting “Adult Behavior” from us. You can’t always control the way you feel but there are things you can do to help you control the way you behave. Although a divorce or breakup can feel like a tearing down process, it’s often a turning point for us to build up a new life. Join us as we explore how you can create a new life from what feels like ashes from the old life. For more information please visit us a www.divorceuniversityonline.com. Thank you for listening!

2 thoughts on “Episode 44: DON’T Behave the Way You Feel!”

  1. Dear DUO. What a helpful podcast! I wish I had this in 2018, the year of my divorce. I am sharing this with my divorce support group (through my church in Chicago). This information will also help in all my relationships. Thank you.

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