Episode 45: Why Won’t the Pain Stop?!

Pain of Divorce

Why Won’t the Pain Stop?! In Episode 45 of the Divorce University Online Podcast, we discuss the pain that is divorce. We always say that if a person has never been through a divorce, you can’t possibly explain the extreme emotional pain of it. We often try to (unknowingly) hold on to the relationship and since we are divorcing, the only way to do that is through negative contact, or pain. This results in conflict and sometimes people use the Court system to play out that conflict in an effort to “win”, which they think will stop the pain. If you think about it, it’s ironic to expect a Court result to make you happy. So, how do you know if you’re holding on and what can you do about it? For more information please visit us a divorceuniversityonline.com. Thank you for listening!

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