This signature 5-module course will teach you how to deal with a narcissistic ex in a way that not only preserves your sanity but makes you look good in Court. If you’re a parent with a narcissistic ex, then you need a long-term strategy that will protect you and your children from the manipulative and bullying behaviors of your narcissistic ex. This  proven step-by-step process GUARANTEES you’ll have less stress, less anxiety and a greatly improved understanding of the Court system. More importantly, it will help you empower yourself and your children in what can feel like a hopeless situation.

  • Understand narcissistic behaviors and how to expose them
  • Learn exactly what to say and how to say it in a way that stops your ex and makes you look good in the eyes of the Court at the same time
  • Confidently draw boundaries that protect your emotional well-being and your children’s emotional-well being
  • Master all the acronyms: Family Court has a language unto itself and the acronyms are endless
  • Create and leverage the experts in your case whether that’s an attorney, mediator, financial expert, or child custody expert
  • Overcome overwhelm by getting educated on the Court system so that you better understand how to get what you want from it 
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