VIP Private Coaching

Divorce and child custody issues are very private for most people as they go right to the very heart of our family life and often, our self-identity. My VIP clients are usually looking for a very high level of emotional support from someone who also understand the legal system, has financial expertise and training in custody issues. You need a trusted confidant who can help you make critical, life-changing decisions in an unbiased manner. That’s why I’m here. 


Do You Need:

Weekly strategy calls to keep you grounded and moving forward

Unlimited text and email support to get immediate answers to your questions

A “crisis” call each month to help you deal with unexpected situations that arise

An alternative resource to help you save thousands of dollars in attorney fees

Support from an unbiased friend who has been through the process

Help understanding how the Court system handles child custody issues

(*Please note, my calendar is connected to my husband's law firm. You are booking in the right calendar!)
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