Episode 35: , Understanding Attorney Retainers, Fees, and Billing.

How much are attorney's fees

Welcome to Episode 35 of the Divorce University Online Podcast. In Episode 35, Understanding Attorney Retainers, Fees, and Billing, we try to remove the confusion around attorney fees. Many divorcing people have never had a prior need for legal services and don’t understand an attorney retainer or how it works. Furthermore, they don’t understand how billing and fees are charged to them and are often shocked when they receive the first bill from their attorney. In this episode we demystify the retainer, hourly billing rates, and how clients are charged during the divorce process. We also give you tips on ways you can leverage your attorney’s time and save some money by using their time wisely. Listen now as we help you find your way through the financial jargon. For more information please visit us a divorceuniversityonline.com. Thank you for listening!

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