Episode 31: Four Weapons That Demolish Post-Separation Negativity

Welcome to Episode 31 of the Divorce University Online Podcast. In Episode 31, Four Weapons That Demolish Post-Separation Negativity, we talk about the common cycle of negativity often see in newly separated people. Hurt, anger, and resentment are common emotions in divorce and unfortunately, many people stay stuck in those emotions for extended periods of time. Often our exes are the target of these negative feelings but staying stuck actually hurts you way more than it hurts them. But unless you have a magic wand, you may be like us and struggle to move forward in a positive way that helps you reclaim your life and your happiness! In this episode, we’ll give you four key tools to help you put the past behind you and move forward to find your post-divorce joy. For more information please visit us a divorceuniversityonline.com. Thank you for listening!

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