Episode 166: Biggest Divorce Mistakes

Biggest Divorce Mistakes – Episode 166 of the Divorce University Online Podcast. We often hear from people, wow, I wish I had found you years ago when I was going through my divorce! That comment is usually followed by a story about some big mistake they made that could have been avoided if they had only known it was a problem. So, today, we’re going to share the biggest divorce mistakes we see that cause people undue financial and emotional strain and don’t necessarily lead to better outcomes for their situation. For more information, please visit us at divorceuniversityonline.com. Thanks for listening!

1 thought on “Episode 166: Biggest Divorce Mistakes”

  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful podcast, Tammy & Thomas!

    One anecdote in this episode made me want more detail: the story about the father’s day weekend and the uncooperative mom. I wanted to know, did this dad just drop in and ask to see the child the same day, or did he try to coordinate back when he bought the plane tickets? Does he do this sort of thing regularly, and would it make a difference if the mom had documented it?

    Asking because soon-to-be-ex husband is military, and everything has always revolved around his schedule. After 1.5 decade of dropping everything when he decides to show up (don’t feel sorry for him, he wasn’t deployed during any of this time), and him lying at a support hearing about how much notice he gives (yes this is documented, hooray for emails) do I have a case to set boundaries on him demanding kid time at his convenience, or am I going to earn myself a black hat? P.S. I’m a veteran too. P.P.S. I have no interest in keeping the kids from him and we already operate as if we have week-on/week-off barring his frequent and irregular travel.

    Unfortunately despite your great advice, I’m headed to trial after conciliation & the pretrial hearing. He hasn’t budged on anything as far as finances. We have not yet discussed custody before the Master so any advice here will be 100% used.

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